SPIM is Internet service provider since 2013. Following the acquired Telecom license, we build a simple but effective Wifi mesh in Port-Vila city. This allow us to provide internet to business, offsite backup for business, and lease line for remote access and security monitoring.

Internet we are supplying is dedicated to professionals, with efficient monitoring of the wireless link – we fix before customer call us. With our amazing cache server we are delivering cached content at full maximum speed available – up to 70MB/s. Windows updates and non encrypted streaming are not a problem anymore! We have also a peer to local Google Cache servers – access YouTube without delay.

Contact us if you are interested and we can quickly review if we can help you to get connected, or recommend other ISP if we cannot supply.

Prepaid Internet / Free Access:

SPIM provide Internet access for travelers with prepaid system. This is available in some hotels in Port-Vila, International Airport, and Port-Vila bay.

SPIM also provide free internet, through a sponsor page (15min free). We provide this internet under name “FREE-Wireless@Vanuatu”

Free Wifi available everywhere in Tana Russet Plaza and in Port-Vila city

Lease Line:

SPIM is supplying wirelease line up to 10mb/s in Port-Vila city. We can connect customers to their remote office, access to security cameras or using it for offsite backup. Contact us if you are interested in such services.